About Us

Statement From The Owner​

The concept of Unoon Virtual Restaurant first came into my mind to deliver homemade foods to those who actually want to have food with homemade touch and flavor. People often felt boring of traditional foods available at restaurants. Actually virtual restaurants also referred to as ghost restaurants, are restaurants that offer a delivery-only dining experience which is facilitated through digital applications and third-party services. These delivery-only restaurants mitigate traditional expenses and overhead while providing customers with a more convenient and faster way to dine.

I had wish to ensure customer satisfaction through the way of preparing foods in a healthy environment where food safety comes first more than anything. My mission will be accomplished when I meet my customers confident on UNOON.

Unoon is a new type of food service establishment in Jashore which departs from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments and focuses on delivery instead.

We offer take-out only. This eatery does not have a storefront,  so customers can’t come to pick up their own food or eat here.


  • More dining variety.
  • Opportunities to try new items everyday.
  • Easier ordering with fewer gaps in communication.
  • Better menu comprehension.
  • Convenience and quality.

Savor the  professional blend of food, business and technology.